Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, Mirchi Restaurant was opened by Amjad Shehzad in February 2007. Born in Pakistan in 1972, Shehzad came to Canada 12 year ago and his most vivid childhood memories revolve around food, family and Cricket. The establishment of Mirchi is a result of his love for food, family and culture.

Mirchi's ambition is to serve the exciting taste of the many regions of India and Pakistan, combined with style, flair, and presentation.The selection of food delivers flavours of remarkable complexity and intensity, drawn from cities all across northren India and Pakistan.

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  • Chefs Platter

    30 $

    Chicken tikka, afghani tikka, sish kabob

  • Chicken Tikka

    10 $

    Boneless chicken breast infused with spices and charbroiled to perfection

  • Beef Tikka

    10 $

    Succulent pices of beef spiced and charbroiled to perfection